Friday, June 6, 2014

Big Creek Greenway - Part II

As I mentioned in a previous post, I revisited the Big Creek Greenway, for the second time, last year. Here are some pictures from that trip. The pictures pretty much tell the story and I have minimized my commentary. And, I do admit that the pictures may be somewhat out of sequence. Yet, they will, I hope give you an idea of this awesome resource in my community.
Lots of bugs in the warm climate, but who wouldn't want to take a photo here?
A nice picture opportunity for the Americano
I see bad things ahead
And, suddenly, the trail kind just ended…rats!
Where I realized I couldn't go any further on this branch of the trail. No prior warning of any kind…:(
Cool info
To Windward Parkway and beyond..
Almost at the end of this path.
Where the heck am I?
Something tells me I am gonna use the granny gear...
Nice little climb
Take in the grand view, y'all
The Americano that doesn't require any sweetening. Sweet as it can be!
I agree. So is the rest of the trail and this beautiful planet. Let's do our part to keep it from degradation.
I love this sign - Cyclists have a part too!
Multi-purposing the tire-lever :)
Don't let the dry brush fool ya! There is plenty of green all over here.
Rest stop
No, I am not tripping, just viewing the azure skies!
Ha-ha…I see
Simple, yet cool, to have a bridge...

Even a tunnel on the trail!

Just in case we forget, there are some etiquette which make the trails fun for all; cyclists, pedestrians, and others.
Totally cool place. I highly recommend it.

I need to go back and ride it. May be this fall?

Peace :)

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