Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Breaking the cycle

Since February 2014, I have been walking from the bus stop to home and also walking during my lunch break at work. All said and done, I have walked roughly 40 miles/month, for a grand total of 158 months as of now. I figure walking will make use of many parts of my body which do not quite get used when cycling. Plus, I get to listen to a lot of music, especially on my longer walks. The longest distance I have walked so far, in the past four months, is 12 miles, in 4 hours.

Well, now that all the stats have been shamelessly shared, I can talk about some material addition. That said, without further adieu, here is the recent addition to the hat collection. This  will be my summer hat.
It is a Tilly Airflow hat, made in Canada. Rantwick, are you noticing my supporting of your mother land? :)
The hat is very well made and it even comes with a life-time warranty, user manual, etc. I have to see if Tilley will let me register the hat online, without getting the REI sales force to sign the Registration Card.

This hat keeps me cool in summer, especially on those long walks home, on hot and muggy summer days of Southern United States. Plus, it looks cool.
I will likely go back to my Scala fedora in the cooler months, which is also crush-able/pack-able, without losing its shape. But until then, it is Tilly Time.

Peace :)

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