Monday, June 9, 2014

Gold Finches in the backyard

In April, we had several Gold Finches and other birds visit our backyard. We have setup several feeders with Safflower seeds and one with Thistle/Niger. The Thistle seed feeder is attached to the deck and the Safflower seed feeder hangs from a Shepherd's hook, but it is not too close to the home.
 In April, suddenly there was a big increase in the number of bird visitors in our back yard. Most notably, the Gold Finch, Red Finch and the Blue Bird.
This is one of my favorite photographs. The Blue Bird and Gold Finch have an understanding as to what is acceptable and what's not; or, they are just great buddies.
I couldn't get a very good shot of this guy at first, but then I managed to get a close-up; in the next photo.
Such pretty colors and designs. Gorgeous.
And, another adorable Goldie.
 Bit far away to tell all the details, but I like the shot anyways.
And, look at this beautiful thing.
Two is better than one, when it comes to enjoying these beautifies. The second one, the one on the right has fuzzy feathers. Wonder if it is a baby.
And, finally I wonder if the coloration acts as a camouflage. I certainly hope so, given the two naughty kitties from next door.
I still see a few finches come by in the afternoon, but not as many as last month. I will make sure the feeder is clean; especially, the Niger feeder.

Peace :)

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