Friday, June 20, 2014

Houndstooth Road Cyclery

Towards the end of May, I accompanied a coworker of mine, who is interested in taking up recreational cycling (and, quite possibly for transportation, in the future) to Houndstooth Road Cycles (H2RD), in Decatur, GA. The owners, Jae and Amber, are acquaintances of mine from Atlanta Streets Live and other noncompetitive cycling events.

H2RD is a boutique cycler and they sell top notch European bicycles and lots of novel accessories. The bicycles sold are meant to be used for transportation and not for racing. In fact, H2RD does not sell any racing bicycles or mountain bicycles.

When we went to the store, we were pleasantly surprised to find both Jae and Amber at the store. They helped my coworker Mr. K a lot; by talking to him about the various options and how those options compared with one another.
One thing I was very happy to hear was what Jae mentioned to Mr. K. "We do not sell a customer a bicycle on their first visit to our store. In fact, on an average our customers buy a bike on their third visit". No sales pressure! Way to go H2RD!
The bicycles at the store were all really nice ones. I was drooling at quite a few of them.
In terms of accessories, H2RD has a ton of Brooks stuff and really fancy helmets and such. They have some lovely reflective vests, which don't make you look like a construction worker. Nothing wrong with construction workers or those that dress like one, such as yours truly, but a nicer vest may look nice with nicer clothing. Well, y'all get the idea :)
I particular liked this very nice roadster. I believe it is an Irish bicycle.
Brand new Moulton. I haven't see a brand new Moulton ever. The last one I saw was an used one and that was in Fort Worth, Texas.
British Pashley Roadster 26

An overall view of about 70% of the store. You get the idea - really nice bicycles and lots of other goodies. You can see Jae in the back of the store.
Nice Tern. My buddy Jeff has one of these, but in a different color and possibly slightly different configuration.
Cycle Art!
Made in Ireland. very classy looking bicycle.
No not that Nelly!
 Sawako Furuno helmet, I reckon. Nice looking, but not my cup of tea. At least not this style.
Amber explaining utility cycling to Mr. K.
Noggin protection and stylish too.
Mission statement of H2RD. Very practical and the kinda stuff that warms my heart.
More cool helmets. May be really nice during the winter time.
I picked up a bunch of stickers and cycle pins. I suppose I can add a few more to the Element and decorate my panniers with the pins.
Sure why not?

By the way, H2RD are a Pashley dealer. If you are in the market for a nice practical bicycle, I say give them a shout. Real knowledgeable, nice folks.

Peace :)

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