Saturday, June 21, 2014

Magnificent Moth

Last weekend, I saw this beautiful moth on the floor of our deck. He/she was so well camouflaged I could hardly tell he/she was there. I didn't want any of us accidentally hurting the lovely creature. So, I picked him/her up and that's how I got my first photo, using my iPhone.
Next, I placed the guy on the deck's top rail. I recently power-washed our deck and waterproofed it and hence the beaded raindrops. When I took this photo, I looked at it on the screen and I thought it looked great, but it was only when I printed a copy of the photo, that I realized how beautiful it was. I placed the printed copy in a photo frame, with which shows wood grain and presented it to my marvelous neighbor, for for Father's Day. My neighbor has taught me a ton of things and helped me with a lot of projects, including building a pen for our dogs.

Next, I placed the little guy in the flower box on the deck. He/she seemed at ease. I left him there hoping that he/she would find where to go next.
And, he/she did. The beauty had merged with nature, the next morning. I do not actually know where he/she went, but 'merged with nature' seems like a good conclusion.

Peace :)

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