Sunday, June 1, 2014


I have seen several people bring their bicycles to work in their automobiles, where I work, but I haven't seen a lot of people who commute by bicycle, except one or two, at times. However, I recently noticed two newcomers to the bike rack at work. They seem to have all the 'necessary' gear and look like possible commuters. Being a bicycling fan, I was overjoyed to see this and immediately went about investigating.

The bicycle on the 'left side' of the rack was a Specialized. Looks like a road bike and had a hefty lock, which locked the frame to the bike rack. No fenders or lights that I could see. May be they use battery powered lights, which they only attach to the bike when they ride it. The person also may have carried his/her helmet into their office. No fenders or a kick stand, however.
I am not sure how to describe the 2nd bike. But, you can see it here. It was a mini bike with small wheels, but not a folder. I am certain I have heard of a name for these guys, but I can't remember now.
The rider used a BMX style helmet and this bike also did not have fenders, carrier(s), lights or a kickstand. I guess people use messenger bags or backpacks to carry their items. Not my cup of tea, but no big deal. I have done such things when I was a student. Heck, grocery bags were not out of the realm of possibilities for a pannier :)

I am hoping to see more bicycles at our bike rack in the future. And, I hope y'all see more where you park your bicycles as well.

Peace :)

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