Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Salt N' Peppa

Tiny little Salt N' Pepper shaker provided with a catered lunch during a meeting at work. I wasn't in the meeting, but someone left it in the coffee bar. Thank you friend.
I can see the utility of this model, in that it has a better look than a paper sachets of salt and pepper, but I also see the wastage of plastic. I can very easily see the item getting tossed in the trash with the leftovers after the lunch event/meeting, unless someone well intentioned comes along and saves it or gives it a chance of survival, by placing it in a place where someone else like me will use it.

I decided to save the item and give it a life. It will stay in my office stash of stuff and I shall use it until breaks.

Why waste a perfectly good thing?

Bon app├ętit :)

PS. Spelling of Peppa is intentional

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