Monday, June 16, 2014

Scenes from Atlanta Streets Live - Unabridged Version

This post was created last year, but I am only posting it now. So, the photographs do have the iBrompton copyright.

Highlight of the day was the infamous Atlanta Streets Live festival/parade on Peachtree Street in Atlanta. I participated in this ride in 2013 Spring, with my buddy Jeff.
Here is Jeff's Tern with a crow/bird mounted on it.
I believe this is the notoriously busy Peachtree Dunwoody road. On this particular day, it was empty and cars weren't allowed on it, for a long time. May be there wasn't any automobile traffic the whole day.
Jeff and the Crow. I am reminded of Sheldon Brown and his eagle.
Lots of very nicely decorated bikes and folks. Ms. D with the Flamingo on her head.
Flamingo it is.
Crow v. Flamingo - who will win? Well, everybody wins in this ride. This wasn't a race.
And, there is the lady who lead the ride, with her famous Phoenix decor.
Street scene - Atlanta. May not be an everyday scene, but a street scene from this particular day.
Le Flamingo in motion.
The pony was a popular character as well. She had a very nice bicycle as well.
The peacock.
We rode by several landmarks in Atlanta. This museum was one of them.
Part of yours truly in this picture :)
There were may be 3 to 5 folders in the ride.
Not everybody had finders...
I can't remember what this was. May be a blue butterfly?
The beautiful Fox theater in the background.
There were several vendors at the event. REI was definitely there. I was glad to see them.
Where Shakespeare used to hangout…:)
Rain is a normal occurrence here in Atlanta. It didn't rain during the ride, but prior to the ride I believe it rained.
I haven't had an opportunity to participate in Atlanta Streets Live since last year. I kinda miss it and miss seeing some of my buddies. May be I will participate in one soon.

Peace :)

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