Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Broken, but not wasted

I planted about 20 Gladioli bulbs in April-May 2014. Not all of them are blooming yet, but we noticed one of them had a lovely stalk of flowers. Something (I suspect wind or an animal) must have bumped against the plant and hence it was kinda smushed to the ground.

I tried to 'fix' the smushed plants with some props and ended-up breaking the stalk with the flowers, off the plant.

Well, it worked out okay, as I made it a gift to my lovely wife, which she appreciated.

I couldn't help take a lot of pictures of this flower stalk, as I find it so pretty, in red.
As you can probably tell, I placed the flower on the top rail of our porch and took many of the snaps. It had rained recently, so the raindrops are the beaded water on the top rail.
And, the beads inside the flower are real too.
So delicate and beautiful.
 Gladioli and Dahlia are two bulbs I have had success growing.
I haven't planed bulbs in many years. In fact, the last time I planted Gladioli was in 2003. I had over 20 plants, all nicely supported using bamboo sticks. Mostly, red, pink and yellow.
This year, I may not see as many flowers as I did, back in 2004.
But, I am thankful for whatever I get.
I am fine looking at the nice greenery, if they don't bloom.
This stalk is still in the vase, 7 days after it broke off the plant. Still in good condition.
Every little piece of the flower is so pretty. Even the ones that haven't bloomed fully yet.
Lady in Red, you are so beautiful.

Peace :)

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