Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bus #185 minus 100 = Bus #85 :)

For a while now, I have stopped taking the Northbound Bus # 185 to get back home in the evening; because of two primary reasons: 1) 185 is seldom on time, 2) many a smoker hangs out by the 185 stop, last, but most importantly, I can get very close to the Roswell Riverfront Trail, if I switch to #85.

By the way, I am allergic to cigarette smoke. Not judging those who smoke.

The Southbound # 85 drops me off at the intersection of Roswell Road and Azalea, somewhere near that white Porsche that you see in the picture below. After getting off the bus, I cross Roswell Road (where you see the crosswalk, near the black car) and then the little crosswalk near the yield sign and get over to the grassy area, from where I took this picture. I simply walk my bike while crossing the road.
Then, the rest of the ride is lickety-split. The trail is just a few feet away.
Actually you can see the trail, better, in this picture.
Once on the trail, it is a jolly good time; riding over a boardwalk, a little bridge, etc.
The trail takes me along the Chattahoochee, as one can probably guess. I like this bench and the surrounding area; which has many amenities, such as the much needed water fountain and bathrooms, in addition to playgrounds, for both adults and children.

Here is another view of the lovely Chattahoochee.

And, then; it is a short, but enjoyable ride to Riverside road. Now-a-days, I take the shortcut, through the lake.
Familiar scenes from around the lake. I love this view.
And, another lovely view of the lake. Not too much farther to go...
And, before you know it, you are home.

Time flies, when you are having fun. Doesn't it?

Peace :)

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