Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nice surprise from a sudden detour

Recently, on my commute back home, when I ride the Roswell Riverfront Trail, I notice a little detour. A rubbly offshoot from the main paved trail. I had a bit of time on my hand and I decided I will check it out.
There are many benefits to this detour. I would say the first and possibly the biggest is the shade. You are in shade for a little while, if you take this detour. Furthermore, it is less noisy. The main paved trail closely follows Riverside road, which can be busy during the rush hour and quite noisy because of all the automobiles on it. And, another benefit is that you are so close to the Chattahoochee.
A lovely view of the Chattahoochee. I heard a lot of birds when I stopped to take this picture. I need to come back here and explore this area a bit more and take my sweet time to do it.
Like I predicted the offshoot joins the main trail very soon.
And, here we are approaching the parking lot under GA-400, where I took the Mystical and No ah Fence photos.

Peace :)

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