Sunday, July 6, 2014

Oh deer

On Thursday evening, we had a lone visitor to our backyard. The dogs were very excited and they were barking their heads off, but the visitor didn't seem perturbed at all.

Until I came to Roswell and saw all the deer that come by our home, in the early morning and at dusk, I have never seen 'em around yards before. Perhaps, once or twice, on a trail, in Missouri. That's it.
Ms. Doe went about her business, eating whatever she wanted to eat.
I ran in to get the zoom lens and tried to take more photos. I had some success.
Some photos show some camera shake, but the message is clear. So, I have left some of the ones with camera shake also in this post.
Ms. Doe went to my neighbors front yard for a quick check on the availability of new plants.
And, then she went back into the woods behind the house, where it is considerably shady and darker. I got one good photo of Ms. Doe in the woods.

Then, she went on about her business elsewhere according to her own mysterious plan, leaving the two scary dogs on our deck completely bewildered.
Carry on Ms. Doe. I don't have a lot of plants to feed you this year. So, come on by, but please spare some of our plants.

Peace :)

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