Saturday, July 5, 2014

Social Skills

This is my canine daughter, Chaka. She is 3+. She is a very loving dog to our family. She is not used to other dogs, other than Shaggy. So, I took her out to Home Depot last Sunday, just to get her acclimated to people and the likelihood of other dogs. Shaggy is unable to get in and out of my truck on his own and so I let him rest with the rest of the family.
Chaka was very excited about going out in the car. When we got to Home Depot, since Chaka doesn't weigh much, I could pick her up and put her in the cart. I did this for two reasons: 1) So that there are no unexpected strangers trying to pet her without my permission, and, 2) I can quickly go through the aisles and pick up what I needed.
We got done in no time and Chaka kept a cool demeanor until the shopping cart hit the asphalt in the parking lot. The noise of the wheels freaked her out and she jumped right out of the cart and did a back flip. Luckily, she didn't hurt herself. But, she was a bit spooked. I suppose that's one good reason to stay right next to the Daddy Dog, on the ride back home, in the passenger seat.

Peace :)

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