Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Vendhayam (Fenugreek) Pachidi

Venthayam Pachidi is akin to a 'dip' in the Western world.

In Southern India, Venthayam Pachidi is often eaten with hot curry dishes and rice. One can also use it as a dip for Pita/Nan/other breads.

The preparation is very simple.

1 Tbsp of Fenugreek seeds
1 Tsp of Mustard seeds
2 cups of whole milk or full-fat Green yogurt {a rarity these days, I know :) }
2 dried red chilies
1 Tsp of Sesame oil
1 Tbsp of chopped cilantro
Asafoetida - a pinch


  1. Dry roast the Fenugreek seeds and chilies in a sauce pan
  2. In a coffee-grinder/blender/tool-of-your-choice, grind the Fenugreek and chilies, coarsely
  3. Add the ground Fenugreek and chili mix to the yogurt in a serving dish of your choosing
  4. In the same pan, heat up 1 tsp of sesame oil and splutter the mustard seeds. Add a pinch of Asafoetida to the hot oil and mustard mix
  5. Add the cilantro and salt to taste
  6. My preference is that the yogurt is a bit sour and that the finished Pachidi is a bit spicy with a touch of bitterness and the very refined aroma of Fenugreek. Some people prefer to use buttermilk and combine it with a little yogurt, so the Pachidi is a bit runny than like mine - very thick in consistency

Bon app├ętit :)

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