Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Val Eggplant Sambar

Lablab beans are called Val or Mocha Kadalai in Southern India. While it is not very popular, it definitely was popular in our home. My mom used to prepare different dishes with Val in it.

My favorite Val preparation is to use it in Eggplant Sambar.

Approximate quantities for Val and Eggplant:
2 cups of cooked val (soak the val overnight and cook either in a pressure cooker or on stovetop)
6 asian (purple) eggplants - quartered

The rest of the recipe can be found here. Simply replace the vegetable used in the recipe with eggplant and the cooked val. It is that simple.
Here is a close-up of the yummy Val Eggplant Sambar.
This sambar can be eaten with cooked rice or chappathi or nan; with Sauteed Onion Pachidi or Fenugreek Pachidi. You can search my site for recipes for the two different pachidis and I will soon update the links in this post.
Bon appétit :)

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