Thursday, November 10, 2016

Big Muddy

Due to some recent rains, a part of my bicycle commute requires me to ride through ankle deep water. While the bicycle gets dirty, I still enjoy riding through the puddle.
And, do everything within my power not to ride into the pond/lake.
Wait! That is the easy part.

The challenging part is riding through the thick bed of very sticky clay that precedes the puddle.
Well, minimally the clay teaches you how to balance and keep moving on a bicycle.

And, on some other days, it teaches you that you are the 'Big Muddy', when you slip, slide and kiss Mother Earth. Yesterday's evening commute was one such experience, but all is well. The bicycle and the panniers need a good wash :)

It is almost Friday folks!

Have a Happy Day!
Peace :)


  1. Oh my sounds like an interesting commute.

  2. Wow - that looks rather messy!

  3. the Kiss Mother Earth comment!

    When the girls were kids and it came a big rain where puddles stood everywhere, they loved to get on their bikes and ride through them. They would even go down on the road by the about a nasty mess...I am not sure if it was black cinder or black from coal...but the road down there is fine black gravely stuff....and what a mess they would be.

    But being they came from a mama that loved to go barefoot out in the big mud puddles when I was a kid, I let them enjoy it. I can still feel the clay mud squishing between my toes just thinking about it. What fun that was. I have not went barefoot in mud in many, many years...maybe I should try to do that again some day.

  4. Nice photos of it all! I wish there puddles, or even some rain where I am.


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