Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Great Going City of Coppell

The signage in the picture below can be seen on South Coppell Road in Coppell, Texas. For those who may not know, Coppell is a small suburb of Dallas. With the recent boom in traffic in Dallas-Fort Worth, bicycling in the thick of traffic has become somewhat tedious.

On a recent commute, I saw the signage in the picture and was pleasantly surprised to see it, as I often commute on a bicycle in Coppell and surrounding areas.
I also noticed similar signage on not just less busy roads, but also on very busy roads like Sandy Lake and Beltline. Now, this is good news for cyclists.

I am not saying such signage is a must for one to bicycle on our streets. At least now, the bicyclist need not pull out the Traffic Rules booklet to explain his/her lane position to a skeptical automobile driver :)

Happy Trails :)


  1. looks like a safe road for biking...we have some very narrow winding roads here that when i see bikers on them i worry for their safety!

  2. having trouble getting the comment box to open. finally got this post to open!

    and as you've been commenting in recent weeks, i tried to check your website via your profile but when i click on greencomotion from your comment, it tells me your profile is not available, so doesn't lead back to a blog or web address or anything. until you linked today, i didn't even know you were posting again!

  3. A great idea, but I hope any angry car drivers can read! Some of them hate to share. With pedestrians too!


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