Saturday, January 28, 2017

Something ain't right about comments

Hi all-
Something is screwy about receiving comments left by my visitors.
I have only seen one comment on my post from yesterday, which did not require moderation or my intervention.

I am curious if something on blogger is out of whack.

Please rest assured that all legitimate comments will get published.

Thanks for your patronage.

Peace :)


  1. Hi, I couldn't get your comments to work on yesterday's post! Love the sign about the dog & bikers. Glad you liked the squirrels!

  2. I seem to be having trouble receiving comment for current post ~ seemed delayed and others for previous post ~ Something is amiss ~ Love your dog photo and the biker poster ~ thanks,

    Have Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

  3. Test comment. Any settings changed recently?

  4. Steve-
    No changes. There was one comment earlier yesterday, which was removed the the commenter. After that I couldn't get into comments. So, I deleted the notification regarding the removal. Since then I am seeing new comments.
    Thx for checking.

  5. I hope it works for me as well!


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