Friday, April 28, 2017

Maid Service on strike

It is a sorry day when the maid service does not show-up.
We have to sleep on a unmade bed.
We will not go quietly. May be we will not use our 'boxes', if this continues.

Our slaves have been warned :)

Drei verwöhnte Katzen

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Have a Happy Weekend!
Peace :)


  1. I so love this. I have always said we are owned by our cats...of course, my husband gave us the name the Cat Herders years ago. The thing of it is, our Bubbie herds joke. He also likes to play hide and go seek...and I have never seen a cat as 'jumpy' as he is. Of course, we think an owl or hawk got him one is long story so won't go into it here.

  2. LOL. this is so cute. Happy weekend Chandra.

  3. Hello, this reminds me of when we used to have 3 dogs sleeping with us. Cute photo. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. This is very cute and they sleep like kids, at comfort :)

  5. Fun post and sweet kitties photo ~ thanks,

    Have a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

  6. I believe they have taken over! Sweet kitties.

  7. Whew -- I hope the maid showed up before they had to carry out that threat. Too cute. I had fun catching up with all your critters -- and the beautiful wildflowers along your bike path to work.


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