Thursday, April 6, 2017


This photo was taken two weeks ago in my work parking lot. I had just pulled into the lot and I turned off the ignition and I was about to take my helmet off.

Then, I looked down and I saw this nice reflection of the sky and the tree branch on my fuel tank's lid.
I have often heard that it is the journey and not the destination that matters. 

I would offer that one needs to incorporate 'presence' into this paradigm (?).
Without 'presence', where would we be?

"When you feel that
    you are somebody,
  You have to practice
    zazen harder."

Have a Happy Day!
Peace :)


  1. What a wonderful image and the b&w suits it too.

  2. I like how the reflection is also repeated on the done good noticing this! I wonder how many great scenes we all pass by everyday without noticing.

  3. Hello, pretty reflection shot. I like the quote too! Happy weekend!

  4. Nice quote. Love the picture.


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