Monday, July 31, 2017

Coffee Shop Mural

Seen at Avoca Coffee in Fort Worth, Texas.
Colorful and cheerful mural/painting, I say :)

Linking with Monday Murals.

Have a Happy Day!
Peace :)


  1. I could see someone doing this in a quilt...

  2. I think the man (second from left) is "before" coffee, while the lady (second from right) is "after" coffee. It's probably not determined what reaction to coffee the two non-humans had.

  3. Despite the one creative character, this looks very "folksy" to me.

  4. I like this ...colorful and folk-art like. Eugene is trying to add a lot of murals downtown and most of them are not to our liking at all (that doesn't necessarily mean they're bad of course...just not to our taste).


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