Flowers from our garden

It was rainy this morning and when it finally let up, what better way to spend one's time than photographing the splendor or flowers.

So, I spent a bit of time in our garden taking photos of some beauties.

Chaka refused to go with me as it was wet out.
What self-respecting dog wants to get her paws muddied up, eh? :)

Hibiscus 1 -
 Hibiscus 2 -
 Flowers of Hosta -
 Impatiens (center). Costa flower (top corner). Lantana (bottom corner)
 Lantana - loves the Texas heat & sun
Please click on images to see larger versions if you like.

Garden exists and looks great due to my wife's hard work.

Have a Happy Week!

Happy 4th of July.

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Peace :)


  1. Oh, my, these are beautiful! We used to have a dog that did not like to walk on grass!

  2. Lovely collages using the colorful flowers… the showering make look things fresh around.

  3. Lovely flowers!
    I have a white Hibiscus budding. I am going outside to check on it now (Okay, not right this minute, got to have breakfast first!)
    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Yes, it is blooming - white with a red throat!

    2. Awesome. I would love to see it whenever you post :)

  4. Very beautiful and colorful flowers.


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