Friday, September 8, 2017


Recent addition to our friend's list.
Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet our friend, Sally The Salamander.

Factually speaking, I don't really know if the Salamander is a Sally or a Saleem or Santana. But, Sally she is, for now :)

I have added a crisper image for all the Sally lovers around the world :)

Linking to Saturday's Critters

Have a Happy Weekend!
Peace :)


  1. This remind me to fake lizard we stick on walls to scare others! Nice click on Sally

  2. Hello, what a cute critter! Looks like a lizard. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. While I've seen innumerable lizards in North Texas, I've never before seen even a photo of a salamander. Odd, considering how many frogs seem to be around...

  4. Wonderful shots of 'Sally' the salamander ~ thanks, ^_^

    (A ShutterBug Explores)

  5. I love these mini crocodiles, unfortunately we don't have them here it's too cold !!

  6. how could I help but lover her, even if she does spell her name wrong ;>0.... our granddaughter once brought two of them home from a camping trip ... she named them Sal and Mandy.

  7. Gotta love her! I've had a few of them in my younger days. Makes me wonder whatever happened to them.


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