Sunday, September 3, 2017

Who needs an umbrella?

Visiting members of the Mushroom family.
Who needs an umbrella by the pool, eh? :)

Linking with Shadow Shot Sunday 2.

Have a Happy Weekend + Labor Day Weekend!

Peace :)


  1. Such a fun-guy... ;) Mushrooms are sign of healthy soil ecology.

  2. I love having fairy rings. When Roger was in therapy, I could look out and see this huge fairy ring from his window, but was too far away to take photos. It had 17 mushrooms that I could count from the 5th floor.

    We used to get them in our can see one from long ago here

  3. Cool umbrellas and nice perspective close to ground!

  4. We see lots of mushrooms at the various campsites we visit....a beach parasol in miniature...

  5. Oddly, mushrooms seem far less common in the open areas of Ocean Shores than in the far drier North Texas equivalents. Perhaps it is due to Horsetails and Ferns.

  6. Watch out for the magic mushrooms!
    Nice photo!


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