Saturday, January 20, 2018

Frozen Drink

A couple of weeks ago, things got frigid in North Texas.
We were under a Freeze Warning.
We were worried about the water pipes bursting.
So, we kept the faucets dripping for a day or so.
But, that was just us, humans, having human problems.

Outside the home though, our feathered friends suffered too.
It was too cold for them with not a lot of mature trees around to take shelter in.
And, their water was frozen solid.
You can see the water disc at the base of the tree below.

Here is a close-up of the frozen water from the birdbath.
The S-shaped designs in the water disc are from the saucer which I used in the birdbath.
It can be removed from the birdbath and washed frequently, which provides clean water for the bird babies.

I removed the ice Frisbee, cleaned the saucer and put fresh water in the birdbath.
We are lucky to have a roof over our heads, a warm home, a warm bed, our health, all our limbs, food in the fridge, etc.
I like to remind myself that these must not be taken for granted.
Such a blessing!

I will leave you with a great song by The Allman Brothers.

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Have a Happy Weekend, y'all.

Peace :)


  1. Hello, yes we are blessed. You did have some freezing weather there. I am sure the birds appreciate the water and the food. I like your cute birdbath. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy you day and new week ahead.

  2. Amen! Glad you are safe and warm

  3. I'm sure your birds appreciate the newly cleaned water, just as our dog likes his water changed frequently. I have noticed that birds suffer more from less food in winter than they do from frozen water so don't forget the seed as well!

  4. Thanks for helping to keep the birds alive during that horrible spell of weather. I hope it is over for the year. We are blessed.

  5. Wow, that's freezing! It almost looks like art. Thank you and greetings!

  6. Nice story and I like the B&W photos of the birds and ice disk. Here in Darwin we are experiencing the strongest monsoonal deluge in a long long time. Non stop rain. The ground is saturated to the point that tall trees are falling all over the place and I was thinking exactly the same thing. How lucky we are to have shelter and food.

  7. Even the winter this year in Chennai was the coldest in last 5 year! Glad you are there to take care of feathered friends there facing freezing weather. The song has great music

  8. You are so right, many of us are very lucky to have a roof over our heads, a warm home, a warm bed and food in the fridge. I agree with you so much that these must not be taken for granted. My husband does me proud, he looks after our feathered friends, when we go out grocery shopping, they get their seeds and grub too! We have had so many birds in the garden this year and they give us joy. And we also have a bird bath, that like yours was turned to ice - again hubby makes sure the ice is removed and tops it off with fresh water. The birds do appreciate YOU! hope your well.


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