Friday, October 12, 2018

Very Affordable Heartworm Treatment in Dallas-Fort Worth

If you have a heartworm infected dog, please do contact the affordable service for heartworm at Texas Foundation for Animal Care. Information below:

Below is the heart of a dog who did not survive the heartworm infection.

We took our Chow, Coco, to see Dr. Wright at Texas Foundation for Animal Care and she is doing much better now, thanks to Dr. Wright.

This is a Public Service Announcement only.

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Peace :)

Friday, October 5, 2018

Out and about

Shadows in our work parking lot.

Shadows from my commute.

Both photos taken with a GoPro.

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Two Cats with one Tail (Tale)

Over the years, Black Kitty and Rambo have learned to get along with each other.

Though because Rambo is stronger, being the youngest kitty, Rambo gets along with Black Kitty (the former King). They even share a dish of food together sometimes.

As we are get older, we seem to learn a lot from lots of things around us, both animate and inanimate. It is always interesting for us to watch the kitties and the dogs and see how they mature, how their habits change, how the ruler becomes the subject of the pride, etc.

Life is full of interesting things. It takes a bit of time to open our eyes to everything and observe.

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We are HERE, NOW and that's just perfect.
With deep gratitude for all the blessings-
Peace :)