Sunday, January 13, 2019

Book light 

It is amazing how much technology has improved. I am used to the bulky book lights of the 90's, until the recent purchase of an LED, rechargeable unit. Sleek they are!

Linking with Shadow Shot Sunday 2.

Peace :)


  1. Oh, another person in the world who loves books!

  2. Technology certainly keeps moving ahead....Whenever you buy the 'latest' gizmo it is probably out of date before you can first use it..Ha..Ha...

  3. I would have loved one of these as a kid...and just cannot imagine having a kindle and all the books I have on it.

    1. Other applications include clipping it to a hat's bill while sewing and doing small repairs :) In my case, I will have to borrow it from my spouse :) :)

  4. My Kindle has an in-built light - perfect!

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