Saturday, February 22, 2020

Along came Genghis & Lakshmi

Happy WE everypawdy!
All is well with me and I hope all is well with you.

I quickly want to introduce you to two of our newest  family members.

Meet our youngest feline family member Lakshmi. 
Lakshmi is a rescue, Calico female, 6-8 months old. 
Very cute, naughty and wild, but still a good gal. 
Once she was a "Sinkerella" in order to avoid Black Kitty.
Lil baby :)
Slowly gaining territory...
Protector of the kitchen (where the food is)...
Collage for your visual pleasure ....
Can you top this look? :)

Next up...
Meet our youngest Canine baby, Baby Genghis 9 weeks old
Breed - Chow Chow!

Around 7 weeks of age...

8.5 week look. Chilling with Sister Coco.

That's all the paw updates for now.

Have a Happy WE!

Hoping to see y'all soon.
Peace :)


  1. You have a full house of wonderful creatures! I'm so glad everything worked out with Coco!

  2. Your family has grown by leaps and bounds! They are all so cute...and I can see why they were hard to resist.

  3. Both Lakshmi and Genghis look absolutely gorgeous.... You have a wonderful family of furries ...

  4. That Genghis looks aptly named. I look forward to tales of his devastations!

  5. Great pictures. Hope all is well at your end of the universe.


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