Genesis of GreenComotion
I started playing around with the notion of blogging in 2009, when I was in Texas. My blogging began as a simple source of recreation, logging my observations as I rode through various parts of North Texas, via the GreenComotion blog. Soon after I started blogging, I met some great folks in Texas, and we started not just being blogging buddies, but also friends. These friendships led to more rides and explorations in areas of Texas I didn't even dream I would be riding in. Along came the introduction of my second blog - Vegetarian Cyclist; where I wrote about healthier and some not-so-healthy foods that I cooked or ate during my bicycle travels and other explorations. Then, finally came the iBrompton blog, after I bought my Brompton bicycle. The last one to the list was the BaisikeliFotos blog; a blog of my photography.

In 2014, I decided that I should combine all my blogs and post from one central blog. As most of my readers came from my GreenComotion blog, I decided that I would keep that as the primary blog and retire the VegetarianCyclist, iBrompton and BaisikeliFotos blogs.

My bicycling philosophy
I commute by bicycle as often as I can. I believe that cyclists should ride responsibly and that they should follow the traffic law. I strongly believe that cycling keeps me in shape and motivated.

Peace :)

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